Hang On
T.S. Evans 11/96

I don't know where you're going
I don't know what you're doing
I don't know what you came here for
I've been looking for someone
Who can give me a reason
Why I should not end this here

Still I feel a need to go on
I wouldn't call life easy
Something tells me I should just hang on…

Do you know what I'm feeling?
Are my eyes so revealing?
Do you think you know what it's like?
Have you stared at the mirror?
Do you hate yourself?
Tell me, how many times have you been alone?

I don't believe that you could ever understand
You don't know the things I've been through
Every moment of my life has led to this
Something tells me I should just hang on…

If I take your suggestion
I'll be faced with the question
Just what am I doing here?
Does my life have a purpose?
Hidden under the surface
Is it as pointless as I fear?

Everything I've ever lived for is gone
Some might call this feeling freedom
My only hope is if I just hang on


Todd Evans - Vocal, Guitar, Engineer, Producer
William Maxwell - Bass, Drums, Keyboard

Hang On started as a fairly upbeat guitar part. On a whim I arppegiated the chords and came up with the introduction. At that point I realized there was nothing upbeat about the song anymore. I started playing around with words and the story began to evolve from the opening phrase "I don't know where you're going." That was me talking to the song itself.

The song turned into a big production the second William played a few notes with an oboe sound on the keyboard. The possibilities flooded into my mind and I was off and running. Without a doubt this song has the most production of any on the album. I like to call it my soundtrack song.

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