The Plant, Sausalito, CA
Studio Projects ( in reverse chronologically )

Lines On The Wall

My first ever solo recording, Lines On The Wall features ten songs written over the last decade or so. A departure from the heavier more progressive music I've recorded the last few years, most of these tracks are acoustic guitar based and more pop oriented. I intended this project more as a display of my songwriting than my guitar playing, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to take a lead break every now and then. Created at Cheap Ass Studios in Alameda, CA between February 2001 and July 2002.

My Role:  Guitar, Vocal, Bass, Keyboard, Percussion, Engineer, Producer

Philadelphia Folk Festival - 40th Anniversary Box Set

The people at the Philadelphia Folk Festival were gracious enough to include Tempest's version of "Ye Jacobites by Name" on their star studded 40th Anniversary Box Set. The track comes from the Tempest - Live at the Philadelphia Folk Festival CD.

My Role:  Guitar, Mix Engineer

Tempest - Balance 

Balance is the first recording I have made for Magna Carta.  Working with Robert Berry at Soundtek Studios was great fun and the performances on this album reflect the vibe in the control room - sometimes laid back and sometimes intense!  Recorded November and December 2000, released April 24, 2001.

My Role:  Guitar, Backup Vocal, Songwriter

Trance Lucid - Vigil 

I met Dave Halverson and Terry Lee while working at Skyline Studios in Oakland, CA.  All of us had recently moved to town and Dave and I found we have way too much in common.  He and I spent hours in the studio on this one.  Released in the Summer of 2000.

My Role:  Recording/Mix Engineer, Co-Producer

Tempest - Live at the Philadelphia Folk Festival

Recorded live at the 1999 Philadelphia Folk Festival.  This is the biggest show I've played yet - 15,000 people, and it was recorded to 24 track!  We took the master tapes home to Oakland and I mixed the CD at Skyline Studios in late 1999, released January 2000.

My Role:  Guitar, Mix Engineer

Pickpocket Ensemble - International House of Dreams

I met these guys while working as an audio engineer for a local San Francisco company.  We ran cables throughout the studio and recorded the band live to multi-track.  For me the highlight was an improvisational piece they later called "Breathing Under Water."

My Role:  Recording/Mix Engineer

John R. Burr - Piedmont Avenue 

John R. Burr is a great player with a wonderful sense of humor.  I recorded him at Skyline Studios for several of the tracks on this CD.

My Role:  Recording/Mix Engineer

Darvish - Darvish

I met Victor Spiegel of Darvish one day at Skyline Studios when he was working on one of his soundtrack projects.  Later he showed up with the rest of the group and we recorded three tracks that afternoon.  Darvish has a great sound that will take you straight to the bazaar.

My Role:  Recording/Mix Engineer

Box Smiley - 22 Shannon...

A fun bunch of Coast Guard boys.  We worked late at night.  One night we tracked all the vocals.  In one night!  I still think they came out great too.  The mix was fun but tough because there was no automation on the mixer.  Nothing like manually mixing the eighth song of the session at 4:00 am.  The band broke up when the Alameda Navy Base closed and they all shipped out to different parts of the country.

My Role:  Recording/Mix Engineer, Co-Producer


This is a two song CD by my previous band FEED.  It was recorded in the living room of the drummer and singer.  We used triggered drums and recorded bass and guitar direct.  The neighbors still complained about the stomping on the floor during drum takes.  For the mix the three of us huddled around the Mackie1604 and it was every man for himself!  I still enjoy playing the old FEED material.  It is very heavy.

My Role:  Guitar, Recording/Mix Engineer, Co-Producer

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