Karfluki 2008
Karfluki Fest 2008 - Photo by Mark Gold

Karflukumentary - Karfluki Festival 2008, Auburn California

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Karfluki Ticket

Below is a YouTube player through which you can watch episodes of my Karflukumentary. The language is a bit adult at times (especially when those pictured are being childish) so cover the kids' ears.

Here's a scene index:

1. Arrival
2. Cheap Ass Studios
3. The Van pt. I
4. The Van pt. II
5. Rehearsal
6. Parking Lot
7. The Fan
8. Backstage
9. Flowers of Red Hill
10. Ye Jacobites By Name
11. Dance of the Sand Witches
12. The Farmer and the Crow
13. Buffalo Jump
14. The Sleeping Highlander (Encore)


I want to express my thanks to Lief and Patricia Sorbye for all the hard work they put in to make this festival great. Thanks also to the rest of members of Tempest past and present for a great time and for their willingness to be part of this silly documentary. Finally thanks to all the volunteers and fans who came out to have their Celtic butts kicked. YOU ROCK!